Presentation Makes All the Difference

As a visual person and learner, nothing gets me hotter than a new attractive web interface.  In my MIS class today, we explored different web tools used to improve interfaces and give them that WOW factor.  Apart from being a visual kind of guy, I also invest time in reviewing financial markets.  It’s more of a hobby at this point in time than anything else, but on the topic of interfaces, is a great visual interpretation of how various industries are performing.  If websites (like the above) continue to adopt tools to improve the user’s visual experience, the perks may go far beyond just a more clear and concise site.  Information can become easier to identify, interpret, and utilize.

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Entitlement’s Title Belt Goes To….

us! the college student.  It is a growing concern of mine that kids these days, me being one of them, feel that the combination of an education and laziness is good enough.  Surely, that may be the case depending on the field the individual is pursuing.   But what ever happened to the “earn a living” attitude that our parents understood so clearly?  Nowadays, it more or less follows the motto “come and receive your living.”  An underlying reason to this mindset could rest in the fact that we are a generation that has grown up with higher quality of living arrangements than any previous generation.  However, if our current economic dilemma doesn’t motivate students to become the best student they can be, what will?   The future certainly appears bleak from this student’s perspective.

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